Month: February 2012

A Fantastic Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 from the UK

Thanks much to Mark Gibson for some nice shots of one of my all time favorite bikes. I wish there were more of them around over here so I could get my hands on one!

Thought you might like a shot of my ZEP !? Blue sky,dry roads,full tank of gas,what more could any biker want! I’m an aging biker these days, but your website just keeps on bringing back the good times, fantastic, keep it going! I will send a couple more shots, regards mark.

Sounds like a perfect day! Thanks Much!

Another Chanderjeet Royal Enfield miracle build…

When I look at builds like this it humbles me. I realize that comparatively, I’m lazy slob who spends too much time thinking and not enough doing. Off to the shop with me to make amends to the gods of the mods..

And for crying out loud head over to the ADV rider build thread and check out the full history on this bike.

Hey there,

As you read in the title, the project was to fix an old beaten up 1965 Royal Enfield to a Scrambler. I live in New Delhi, India and this Enfield was originally imported from UK. All pics from start till today are updated on my advrider thread. Here’s the link ::

Also a little history on the project, this was my second project (you also featured my other project on your website. It was a Royal Enfield Cafe Racer). This has been named after my wife too (Richa + Enfield = Richenfield). Also, no fancy machines were involved in making of this bike as you will see in the pics, all custom work was done by hand and all body work was done the same way.

From this:

To this:

And finally arriving here:

A Travis Lawson, Iron Spade Cycles bike that fell through the e-mail cracks….

..and shame on me.

You know I’ve got a very “confused” (long story) KZ650 sitting in my garage at the moment and looking some at of the bikes Travis has built has me inspired… Time to give the old gal some attention I think. I have a similar 750 top end and assorted mods but i think it’s back to stock for the engine (they were plenty fast really) for simplicity and reliability but something a lot different than stock with the chassis I think.

Here’s what he sent me back at he end of December.

I thought I’d send you these shots of a recently finished project I did for a close friend. Its a 1979 KZ650 that we punched out to a 810cc via Wiseco bigbore 10:1 comp pistons and a KZ750 cylinder. Quite a bit of custom fab was done for the GSXR1000 foot controls to mount as well as the ZX6 swingarm which is about 2″ longer than stock. The seat base is an Airtech designed for a CB750 and it fit right on with minimal cutting There is a 1/8″ alloy under tray that the seat base mounts to and hides all the electrics behind the custom alloy side covers. My buddy proudly served in the 82nd in Desert Storm so the paint scheme was even more fitting. Hope you like it. We’ll do a proper photo shoot this spring after a couple minor bugs are worked out of it.

I really like the seat work. I think the latest “Wrenchmonkee” flat-top style seat is getting a bit over done. This seems to fit the line of the bike better and those rearsets are a godsend since there are no proper aftermarket rearsets for the KZ650. Beats me why not.