The 2010 Honda CB1100 vs the Original Concept Bike. Is it just me or….?

When I look at the earlier concept bike I am really impressed. I don’t have the vocabulary but it absoluty hits all the right notes for me personally. There must be something reeeealy subtle about it though because when I look at ….

… the production model I’m left just a little flat somehow. I’ll leave it to the nuanced language of design experts to explain why exaclty, but for my eye the concept is a much superior looking bike. And I admit that I cant really see any siglificant difference to the “line” in either one. Must be the shocks/color/exhaust just leaving me wanting. I don’t know.. shrug.

Update: looking at them one over the other now it’s clear that the concept had a slightly longer lower leaner line than the production bike and that’s not helped a lot by the graphics on the white bike.

Update #2: What they did to the exhaust should be criminal.

Update #3: The more I look the more I see. What did they do to the clean engine finning of the original??? Sheesh did they just pull the castings off the early 80’s bikes?

I’ll stop now.
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