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The "Geoff Duke" Royal Enfield Cafe Racer!

Submitted by the indispensable Dave Innola! For more on the very talented racer please see this ENTRY HERE. Great stuff!

Found this great photo of Mr. Duke in action “back in the day” on a Gilera at the Isle of Mann with the following caption:

Douglas, Isle of man: Geoff Duke, riding an Italian Gilera (493) round the bend at Governor’s Bridge during the Senior TT. Duke smashed all records to win his third Senior TT in 2-43-49 4/5 at an average speed of 97.93 MPH.
13 June 1955

Update: Sweet Jebus what a nice Brough

A nice pair of 1921’s a Rolls Royce and a Brough. That’s just excellent!

A nice period roadtest article. Click on photos to enlarge.

There’s a certain “Steampunk” quality to the gauges. I love it!

Dave Innola sends in another beauty. Gorgeous example there! The E-mail I was copied on had the following message attached:
Third owner and never left the family , she aint no pamperd garage queen.

No Doubt!!!

Stunning 1967 BSA 500 Scrambler.

The photo is very large. I usually reduce them a bit but the detail is stunning. Thanks to regular contributor Dave Innola for forwarding this on. The bike belongs to John Court who took it on a nice journey:

John writes:
Hello Boys,a great run out today on the Scrambler (1957 BSA 500) I did the 100 mile Eskdale which basically takes in the steepest banks in the area & the North Yorks moors. About 90 entries in all cars & bikes. Was having a great time then for the 1st time in a long time I ‘overcooked’ it on an uphill bend, no one else to blame but I ended in a ditch…..like slow motion & a definate wake up call! Thankfully no major damage & with the help of two other riders got the bike sorted & completed the run. There was one skidmark just before the bend & the other just after which will hopefully come out in the wash! Will give the bike a good check over tomorrow ready for another run.

Cheers Jon
P.S Can confirm now that Adrenaline is brown!

Reader submittals! I may be out of web range this weekend so here are a few placeholders in the mean time. I’ll check in if I can.

Special Thanks To regular contributor Mr Dave Innola for the great pictures!

Honda 50R

A Moto Parrila Single Cylinder Racer.

MV Augusta and BSA

Aermacci 2-stroke Racer