Reader Ride. Otstanding 1969 Bonneville Hot Rod!

Larry Edwards writes in:

Great site!!! I have visited MANY times while I collected reference material. Attached you’ll find pics of my ’69 Bonneville build that took place mostly in my dining room between early October and January. It’s not to the sanitary stage yet. Still doing shake-down runs but, I can’t hardly stop once I’m out on a ride without having a crowd gather around the thing. Then of course I spend the next hour answering questions and telling folks how it came together. Anyway, thought I’d share some pics with you. It could be classified as a “street tracker” I suppose but, as you will see mine doesn’t have any fiberglass on it. Mostly I figure it’s a hot rod and since I had to bob it and chop it a bit to get it to where it’s at, it may be time to begin a new classification or category of bike. I call be bike The Bopper.

Wow that’s nice. I mean Damm. And you’re right.  I’ve tagged as a Chopper/Bobber/Streettracker.   Hard to pin it down.

Thanks Much Larry.

Reader ride. Really Great BSA Custom From Dogtown Cycles!

Man oh man! These old Japanese and British Hardtails are really starting to grow on me.

Love the article in the Spanish mag – my bike is top of the page!!!  The only thing I could translate was “addictive blog” – it is!  My go to site while having coffee in the morning….  Keep up the good work.   Cheers!

My pleasure! Keep up the great builds!

LOL UPDATE: Reader Ride. The Lilac Alley Speed Shop Honda Hardtail SL125! Very Trick Budget build.

UPDATE… Helping to provide a public service here at MPOTD:
From the comments: 
Anonymous said…

I love the bike but my bedroom overlooks Lilac Alley and would love it more if you didn’t race up and down the alley late at night and let it idle in the alley.sorry to be a pain but my bike sets off car alarms as well but I try and do that on other peoples streets…

Dan Noyola sends in this wicked little custom build. Did some hunting and found his blog!  Go HERE  for his blog build pics!  Now don’t be shy about sending me links to yor blogs and slideshows fand such!  I love these kinds of builds. This once again proves that imagination and creativity are more important than money. What a cool bike.

Dan Writes:
It was put together in a couple of weeks for a few hundred dollars for the Dirtbag Challenge.
My ladyfriend still rides it regularly.

Dirtbag Challenge sounds like a blast. Thanks again!

Update: (missed a good pic) Very Nice Low Budget Chop From the Netherlands.

More proof that you don’t need big money or big horsepower to build a cool ride.

Bjorn Writes in:

He hello my name is Bjorn I’m 20 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m a regular visitor of your site. And i love it especially the frequent updates i digg. I have a picture of my motorcycle as well, hopefully you like it.

I bought it as a stock Honda shadow vt600 but right from the start i knew I was going to chop it. Because i dont like stock stuff in general. I bought this Honda because i wanted a vtwin but because of legislation here in the Netherlands you cannot ride a bike with more than 25 kW (34 hp) if you are under 21 years old. since i was 19 at the moment i had to buy a bike with this power restriction and this bike has 34 hp stock.
I tried to make as much of the components myself from the handlebars to the stainless steel exhaust, sidecovers and everything in between, because i didn’t want to buy shit out of catalogs because everybody can do that. I could use the lathe and mill at my school to machine parts. And my little brother is a welder so he helped me out with that. Lots of time went into making a foot clutch and a tank shift. It worked in the end but after some test riding i found it to dangerous to drive here in Holland with the million roundabouts, so i changed it back to stock controls. I also had an open exhaust but i found it to loud so i tried making a muffler with a design like i had never seen on a other bike. It works very well actually. Also made my version of a sissybar.

I use it as my daily driver to school, work, friends you name it. i now you didn’t ask for this whole story haha, but me personally, I’m always interested in the story behind a bike. At the moment the bike is nearly done, the riding season here is at its end so i can put the finishing touches on it like a muffler decoration and new pegs. I cant wait to start a new project.

greetings from the Netherlands!



Reader Ride. A Serious XS 650 Hartail Custom.

Trentsent in some pics of a new custom build.  He writes:

Hey Steve.  Big fan of MPOTD here.  We just finished the bike attached.  We call it The FREEDOM OR DEATH Machine.  It was built by jeff of saint motorbikes with a lot of help from folks from coast to coast.
You can read a bit about the build on
bikerMetric and if you have any questions, feel free to email any time.

Thanks, Man!

I like it!