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Maybe the coolest Suzuki GN400 on the planet!

Again I’m kicking myself for having taken so much time away and missing so many of these e-mails especially since I have such a thing for out-of-the-norm non-cookie cutter starting points.

This trick little scoot was sent in by Tracy Flanders on Valentines day 2016.

Hello, my name is Tracy Flanders. I came across your site of great looking motorbikes. I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of one of mine. It started out as a Gn400 with 1930 orig. miles. It sat in a garage for 33 years in Connecticut. I sold off the orig. parts I did not need and spent the winter sittin on a milk crate putting this bike together. The motor only puts out around 27 HP. But I was able to get the weight down to about 275lbs so its peppy. Its starting to show age and damage related patina. It always makes me smile when the Harley guys ask “What Year Flanders” it is ? I hope you enjoy my Photos.
Ride safe and Thank you.Tracy

Thank YOU Tracy for the bike and your patience!

A Kickass Frist Genertion SV650 Cafe

I love the direction he took with this. Must be a stone blast to ride!

Hi Steve !

Thank you for your great blog.
Here some pics(feel free to use them) of my home made racer, based on a 2002 Suzuki SV650.
Stock engine with KN filter and fine carb’ tune, modified titanium Akrapovic exhaust line with Shark silencer (titanium wrap) Norton racer seat, great paintjob, all mixed with ideas, friends and fun.
It’s a “budget build” … and also a “pleasure machine” built to ride the Région Rhône-Alpes, near Lyon, France.
More pics and infos (in french) on my blog :

Thanks and regards,


DSC_0004 DSC_0009 DSC_0013 DSC_0053

Reader Project.

What a nice backroad barnstormer!   I like that the suspension is original(ish).  A lot of these builds tend to a bit too many modern with forks and swingarm upgrades that are overkill IMO. This looks to be be a great ride! Bravo!

From Gerhard Schein

Hi, normaly I am doing only Motorcycle restoration for myself. That’s the first bike what I made for a customer. It was a R100 RT , 80 model.
Hope you like it. I called it BoXer.
Next is coming soon.
Regards from Cape town
Gery S.

bmw 2

bmw 4




bmw 1

BMW GS from Unit Garage



I’m a newcomer to your site, but just spent the last couple of weeks scrolling all the back to 2007. I love the simple and democratic light that you shine on the motorcycle world. Keep it up!

Anyway, to the title of my email. I’m sure you must have seen this, but I didn’t see a direct reference to the Italian BMW kit supplier Unit Garage on my adventure back to ’07. I figured you would like their work and they’ve increased their range since I last took a look at their site. Definitely on my list of bikes to own and customize one day.



1973 Yamaha RD350


Started out with a  1973 Yamaha RD350 we move the swingarm pivot points back about three inches and  put a RZ rear end on swingarm disk brakes and a after market Fox race shock mono shock. We went from a 73 twin shock to a modified RZ race rear end with a 6 and 1/2 inch stretch to the rear end. Vintage Avon front clip modified RD400 tank and a vintage Ducati tail section


Photos from Richard Weslow

UPDATE: An Exquisite Reader CB550 Gulf Racing Tthemed Cafe Racer

Update: Chris had actually sent me links to a a pair of photo albums and he actually pointed me to the better of the two… which I promptly forgot about and posted the lesser quality of the finished pics. So I thought I’d update this oversight by sorting it out now. These are much better and more representative shots of the finished product. Someone really does has a nice touch with the lens Chris. Thanks and orry for any confusion..

Chris Trotter send in this very special build. I absolutely love the Gulf Racing colors. Oh and these are just a very small taste. Be sure to check out the slideshow folks. SLIDESHOw OF THE FULL BUILD

Hey Steve,
So I bought the original bike a 1975 Honda CB550K in October of 2010, which was stock except for the exhaust. With the exception of the engine, which was in great shape, everything on the bike was replaced, refurbished or built anew. The subframe was built to match up to the tail, which was built to echo the tank. Both tank and seat/tail are constructed from a mix of fiberglass and Kevlar. That was an eye-opener for me; due to Kevlar’s uncooperative nature, I have to say the next build will exclude it entirely! All of the 36 year old bearings and bushings were replaced for peace of mind. Many members of the forum Do The Ton contributed to this build whether by encouragement or hooking me up with parts. For instance, the rear sets and top triple clamp were machined by a forum member, and the logos were airbrushed on by a friend and fellow forum member, with the stencils being made by another! The paint scheme and name are in honor of Gulf Racing’s efforts at the 1975 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Thanks Steve! Let me know if you need anything more.

Really special bike. Well done.

Here’s a progress pic…

And the before pic…

1952 Panhead restoration. The kind of class project that I’m sure I’d enjoy!

Charles Lathe from North Carolina writes in:
I’m attaching a photo of the 1952 Panhead our community college night class is just finishing up. This project started in September and we had the bike purring like a kitten and roaring like a beast tonight. There are two more classes to go, but I’ll be away on my modern Bonneville.

I enjoy your posts and appreciate the effort it takes on your part.

Thanks Charles! What a cool class that must have been! Just curious but I wonder who gets the bike?

Reader Rides. Some sweet custom built “earth shakers”!

I know that folks can be very particular about their preferences and such but whatever your tastes you can’t deny the monster skills that went into building these wicked machines. That Triumph in particular is pretty freaking sweet.

Michael Yamen writes in: Here are a couple of my hand built Bikes. First one has a 540CI big block Merlin Engine. 2nd one is my home made Triumph Rocket sidecar rig