Reader Submittal. NCR Ducati Hypermotard.

Richard Shatto writes in:
Last Sat. I was in San Rafael (See Hattar Motorsports on facebook about the build) & spied this bike. Let me tell you that NCR does not stand for National Cash Register anymore. It stands for a ridiculously light, (& obscenely expensive) Carbon fiber & Titanium custom Ducati Hypermotard. I have to say one of the most desireable bikes I’ve ever seen, & quite an accomplishment to shave almost 100lbs. off an already very light bike. (286lbs, 96Ft.lbs Tq, 120 Horsepower.) The owner (a former short track racer) says he can’t even describe what it’s like to ride…I’ll bet… Should be in an upcoming Cycle world.

Pure Porn. Thanks!