Reader rides. A Fantastic Collection of Offroad Bikes.

Reader Don Shores sends in the fantastic pics of his collection. I’d be insanely thrilled to own any of these much less the collection. Really excellent bikes Don. thanks much for sharing them.

He writes in with the following:

A 1974 CZ Falta Replica 250cc,

1982 KTM 495, break your leg starting, if not careful!

And here’s a couple more AJS Stromer 250

Rickman 125 Zundapp.

I start my day with your site!!

Thanks again Don!

KTM, Sun and Sand! Spectacular Desert Scenes!

I saw these on a post over on AVD rider and had to get more info on them.  Yuksul  answered me back and also provided some great links to a whole series of fantastic pics.  I don’t speak Turkish but I certainly enjoyed the links to the forum thread.  Great stuff on every page.  See the message below!

Thanks Very Much for the photo’s and extra information.    I’ll take some time and look things over and get in touch with you about your offer for more large photos.  Great Stuff!

Hi Steve,

My friend Levent, who we made road together, will write stg. and send them to you. And www.ruzgaresmez.com is Levent’s webpage.

By the way if you want to see all the photos and videos here a link but story in Turkish.


All the best.

Yuksel YAGAN

A fantastic Wanderlust series courtesy of Mr. Edward Walker in Colorado.

The very talented and very gracious Mr. Walker is proprietor of the excellent Motogeek.com. He has  provided some fantastic links to what is a small morsel of his outstanding portfolio.   If you have any taste for Adventure riding,  KTM motorcycles or spectacular photography, do yourself a favor and pay him a visit.  You won’t be sorry.

Thank You Sir!