Month: June 2010

Another suprising milestone….

Took a look today at the site stats and noticed that the it’s averaged just over one thousand hits a day for the last month (well few months really but it totaled out evenly this month). In my wildest dreams I never imagined it would ever get rolling like this. With all the reader contributions lately I feel like it’s as much your site as mine. So keep em coming folks! And Thanks Again!

Reader Submittal. Honda Exotica. NSR250SP

I’ve got a few very regular contributors to the board and Mike Skelton is cementing himself as one of the best. Today he sends in this drippingly exotic Honda NSR 250 SP.

Mike Writes:


A friend that I have known for 30+ years emailed me and told me that he had sold his 1993 Honda NSR250SP on Ebay, one of 900 made. Originally a Japanese model only, somehow it got registered in the states years ago and my friend has owned it for 8.5 years. It needed to go so he could finish restoring his Lotus.

I HAD to get some pictures for MPOTD, and I shot them in the large format that you request. The new owner has 6 other motorcycles, only one a 4 Stroke, and he races a RD400. From Virginia I think.

Note the original dealer decal on the tail section.
Enjoy and post away!
When do I get my MPOTD Contributing Photographer hat?? lol!

Mike if it was a paying job I’d give you a raise! Maybe we need to start thinking about hat and T-shirts for our “field corespondents”!! Hmmmm… I’m going to give that some serious thought. Stay tuned!