Reader Project.

What a nice backroad barnstormer!   I like that the suspension is original(ish).  A lot of these builds tend to a bit too many modern with forks and swingarm upgrades that are overkill IMO. This looks to be be a great ride! Bravo!

From Gerhard Schein

Hi, normaly I am doing only Motorcycle restoration for myself. That’s the first bike what I made for a customer. It was a R100 RT , 80 model.
Hope you like it. I called it BoXer.
Next is coming soon.
Regards from Cape town
Gery S.

bmw 2

bmw 4




bmw 1

Reader Ride. 1985 R80 Cafe Racer.

I’ve got to do a better job checking my e-mail. This one fell through the crack a little.

Mark Byfield send in this great build!

Hey mate,
attached couple of pics of my home made, anti-bling cafe racer. Its based on a 1985 R80 (before pics attached) and was put together for a total of around 3500 Aussie dollars. goes like a train and is awesome fun!!!!
Hope you can use it for your great blog.

Great Stuff Mark! Thanks!

The before pic.

Reader Ride. Sweet 1973 BMW R75/5

Vince Anderson Sends in this beauty of a BMW:

1973 BMW R75/5 (Long Wheel Base).
33,000 miles from new (unrestored, original).
Matching numbers.

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Reader Ride. A sweet BMW R51/3

Brian Bold sends in this nicely modded BMW.  While I’m not an old school BMW expert by any stretch I know what I like and I love the style and line.

Here are some pictures of my BMW R51/3
The fairing is a Peel, Hoske tank and mufflers, Dellorto SS1 carbs. A lot of fun to ride, now it needs to just stop raining so I can spend more then 20 minutes around the neighborhood between rain.

The before pic..