A Virago 1100 Street Tracker!

From the “you don’t see that every day” department! Very well executed!  Tanks Russ!

Hi there I came across your site whilst browsing for bike build ideas. I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of my 1996 yamaha Virago 1100 street tracker which I’ve just finished. It has a custom built rear subframe to supper a hand made seat on a fibreglass seat base, Benelli Mojave tank, flat tracker bars, custom grips, led rear light, custom indicators, metalflake paint, lots of chrome, custom built air filter, fabricated rear number plate and light mount, harley headlamp cowl, reshaped mirrors.

I hope you like it, I have subscribed to your blog, keep up,the good work.

Best regards,


image1 image2 image3

A Repsol Goldwing and other strange creations from the Seattle, Backfire Moto motorcycle rally.

Sometimes I’m jealous of people who live in places that have seasons. Don’t get me wrong, living in Florida has perks not the least of which is year round (mostly anyway) riding weather. But sometimes I get jealous of those folks who live in places with big climate changes. It allows them a few months to simply concentrate on their latest project without the nagging guilt that they could actually be out riding instead of wrenching. It’s that thought that struck me when I was notified by Google that Steve Ginn had updated his latest online albums with some shots of the Seattle, September 19 Backfire Moto motorcycle rally. He’s also got other some fantastic albums.  Anyway, it occurred to me that any spontaneous gathering of such eclectic brands here in North Florida would be quite difficult to organize because A) we’re sorta segregated here when it comes to brands and styles and B) our projects are never “finished” because we’re usually out riding instead of wrenching.

Anyway here’s just a taste of some of the bikes in his album. Hit the link above to go see the whole thing.


The worlds smoothest Repsol!  I can’t even imagine the technical hurdles that went into this!





Seattle seems to have a great motorcycle Scene.  Here’s A few more choice bikes from his album.  Go check it out.  LOTS more there.



CORRECTION! It’s an Arctic Cat powered 2 stroke street legal drag bike!

UPDATE:  Sorry about that Brent.


From Brent and Tammy Soper. Bike seen in THIS earlier post

Heres a current picture of me laying down a pass on my Suzuki VX with its Arctic Cat 900 triple sled engine. Only went 10.61@121 mph, not too bad for its second run ever. Launched real good did a 1.495 60′ time. Ran out of gear by the 1000′ mark so another tooth on the front sprocket is a must and get jetting right.

Very respectable for such a wild experimental build! That tire looks to be getting a nice bite on launch. Please keep us posted as you keep dialing her in!

And now something completely different! One “sick” 2 stroke sled powered dragracer…

Heres a picture of my 2-stroke bike. Its a 1990 Suzuki VX800 with a 1995 Arctic Cat Thundercat 900 snowmobile engine in it. Street driven and very fast.
Let me know what ya think. —
Brent Soper

I think it’s insanely badass.. I’d love to see a video of it racing!

Outstanding Honda mini clone “Spencer Replica” by DeakCraft Motorcycles

Look closely..  That’s not a one thousand.  It’s a one hundred.

Hat Tip to the Italian Racing Cafe Blog for scoring this one.  There’s some good links to more info on their post so check em out.   I don’t often get material directly from other blogs but this is a rare exception since many of you may not have it on your rotation.  I would LOVE to do one of these out of a small 2 stroke in an old GP style.  Too cool.