MV Augusta

Fantastic MV Augusta 350 Reader Ride!

Reader Greg Rathe sends in some pictures of his gorgeous MV Augusta 350

Greg Writes:
Great website and wanted to share one of my favorite bikes with you and the site.

This is a two cylinder 350cc with twin SS1 Dellortos. The details of the bike are incredibly beautiful and it is in all original condition.

Its a bike I love to ride that is solid, smooth and reliable. Handling is great, turn in’s are smooth and even the brakes are not to bad for drums. Cruising the back road twisties are great and I have seen 85mph on the speedo without feeling close to top speed. The wheelbase is short and the tires narrow, if you think a new direction than the bike is headed, most likely the bike will already be going in that direction before you have made the decision.

On top of the gas tank is the original MV Agusta sticker with 34 stars, noting the championships the company had won.

My best,

Greg Rathe
New York, NY USA

Thanks Much Greg for the pics of this great bike! Must be pure joy on those back road rides!

Reader submittals! I may be out of web range this weekend so here are a few placeholders in the mean time. I’ll check in if I can.

Special Thanks To regular contributor Mr Dave Innola for the great pictures!

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