Another Virago Varient. This time it’s more of a Flat Tracker style bike.

Since the Cafe Virago pics were such a hit I thought I’d post this highly modified TR1 tracker. The TR1 is a not a Virago but it’s a very very close cousin. Anyway I love the kind of balls it takes to try builds like these especially when it pays off so nicely. Oh and I saw these over on ADV rider but tracked them down to the excellent (and all in Italian) Ottenero Blog. Really interesting stuff.

The Cycle World "Budget Build" E-bay special Street Tracker from last months issue.

I read the article on this bike and while it’s a cool project I think it really skewed things a lot having the owner / builder of Mule Motorcycles essentially create this bike. I’d wager that it’d be a little tough for even a good amateur to put a bike like this together for $8500. Not without falling into a LOT of lucky deals on parts. It’s stil a cool ride though.

Credit and thanks to to to suzukijo for the pics…