Some more cool old school..

Kurt adds to the collection!

Steve, your site is one of the great things about having a computer. As per your request, here’s a couple pics. The first is my dad in about 1940 on a ‘34 Harley VL and the second is me in 1979 on a ‘78 Yamaha XS1100. I hope you enjoy them even if you don’t use them. Thanks, Kurt

Wow! Your old man had it going on! And wheeling an XS1100 is no small feat!

Robie Pruden is back with some really interesting bikes from the LEmay Museum motorcycle show.

Steve, Here’s a few from the vintage bike show last weekend

1) Nicest build there IMHO
2) Look close ! A tracker for the street
3) Cushman scooter as promised
Of course lots of vintage stuff. 1st year for this show at the LEmay Museum. Next year should be better.

Robie Pruden

An XS650 hybrid dirtbike. I absolutely LOVE this build. I’ve mapped out a similar build a few times over the years. Glad to see it could have worked.


Gotta love street legal trackers!


Wow…  just wow..  I can’t figure out what that engine is.  Any guesses?

Cafe Sporty.

I don’t post many of these but I do like them generally.  In this case the description was so honest I couldn’t resist.

Jim ~~
Attached is a pic of my identity-challenged naked, flat track, super moto, cafe chaser. Lot of fun to ride.
Love your site, keep up the great work.

Hermit hold

I might go for different colored wheels but different strokes and all that.  Would definitely be a fun back roads scoot.