I know I don’t post a lot of custom Harleys….

It’s still not really my “thing” but I do appreciate the craftsmanship.

There’s already a whole universe of blogs that cover modded Harleys so I generally don’t get in to them too often. But I’m making an exception in this case. This bike at a glance looks like a typically breathed on softtail but taking a closer look you can see that a lot of very high quality one-off custom work went into it. You start to notice that there really isn’t much that’s original on the bike.
Ted Brecheisen writes in with the details:

I’m presenting a couple of pics of bike that a friend of mine built. He had just backed it out of the shop to give it a ride to the Super Bowl party in downtown Indy.

This is a hand-made world class custom by award winning Jim Guy (J.B. Custom Parts) Indianapolis, IN. The frame was made by him. The tank, fenders and oil tank were hammered and rolled out from sheet stock by Jim. This thing looks like it is a slightly modified stocker…not. Here are a few of the unique features:

– 21″ x 3.25 wheels on both ends. This in it’s self is a tough thing to do on a full fender soft tail.
– 124 cu. in. S&S puts out some big h.p. Has Twin Tech electronic fuel injection.
– S&S 6-speed.
– custom made headers and exhaust.
– Performance Machine floating front disc brake.
– Danny Gray custom made seat.

This bike is brimming with custom details that are hard to notice, even from a trained judges eye.

Thanks for your site!!

I’m slammed again this weekend (sorry) so here are three fantastic bikes in one post from Andy at Gunar Engineering in “sunny” England!.. Enjoy!

Here’s a few photos from sunny England.

Use ’em if they’re good enough, my apologies if they don’t pass muster. I’m an engineer not a photographer, and a big fan of your site.

The Moto Martin is one of my bikes, just had it’s n’th rebuild in my 20 year ownership.

The Harleys are mine and my wifes daily rides, pics taken in Italy last year.

The Triumph is a clients bike that I built last year.

Andy Smith
Gunar Engineering

Rally fantastic bike!. Thanks Very Much Andy! And keep them coming!

Moto Martin

Harley Davidson



And one hell of a Triumph



Another victim of my spam Filter. This time an update to an earlier V-Rod.

Sorry bout that Ron

Hi Dude.
….In reply to a couple of posts after featuring the Vrod Cafe Racer, here are a couple of shots from different angles, repositioned bars and new wheels.
Happy chrimbo to all that use this awesome site. Keep up the good work and we all appreciate the time you take running this.
I’ll post my Zephyr 1100 project next year on completion.
Other photo is the Joey Dunlop Bronze on the mountain section at the Isle Of Man during the Manx TT this year.

Be sure to send me that Zephyr when you’re close. I love those bikes!