Month: April 2012

Saounds like BMW and Corbin are in for a “hard time” on this one…

pffftt… LINK

Henry Wolf of California is suing BMW America and aftermarket seatmaker Corbin-Pacific claiming his issue began after a four-hour ride on his 1993 BMW motorcycle, with a ridge like seat. Wolf is seeking compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and what he calls “general damage.”

Mystery “bike” solved!

Thanks to Robie who posted these two cool videos in the comments! Excellent find! Thanks!

Victoria FM38 A stock version

And as Robie put it “Schmell the Klotz while watching this”

Mystery “bike”.

Frank Robyn-Fuhrmeister writes in:

“Look what I found today in font of the OBI building supplies store
A Victoria bike with a Motor. Built in the 50ies with only 1 hp.”

I have to confess that I’d love to own something like this. Cruising around Jacksonville Beach on one of these would be a blast. I know there are modern versions that you can add to an existing bike but it’s lack the character that this one has. Maybe the coolest exhaust pipe EVER! LOL Cool stuff! Thanks Frank!

A (sadly) nearly forgotten Moto Guzzi. The V65 TT.

Ed Sander writes in with this nearly forgotten classic. With all the various scramblers and adventure bikes that BMW and Triumph are coming out with these days a modernized version of something like this would really make sense.

I recently saw a cute Guzzzi V7 scrambler as a new Buzzi offering. got me thinking . They might consider re making the V65 TT. It too was based on the same small block architecture as the V7. Thought I would send you a photo of mine , as a reminder of a nearly forgotten machine. A regular rider after all these years. The bigger displacement torquier modern engine would transform this machine from good to truly excellent machine. Come on Moto Guzzi.. Piaggio Thanks Ed Sander

That’s one heck of a daily rider! Thanks Ed!

Gorgeous 1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans series 1.

Jordan sends in this stunner of a Guzzi.

This is a 1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans series 1 that has had extensive work done by Rennsport.The engine has all the upgrades popular for the day.Dual plug heads ,rods,pistons,cam etc.Chromed BUB axhaust ,aftermarket mufflers.obviously custom paint reminscent of the 750S3 and 1000S.


UPDATE: A Nice SOHC Honda Cafe Rider.

UPDATE: Rustin wrote in with some build info.  That’s an impressive engine!.

1976 Honda cb550k. The cylinders are bored out to fit cb750 pistons. Making the displacement 592. The cam is from a cb650. Dyna s ignition and coils. The exhaust is stainless replica of the yoshi exhaust. Dyno tuned at Twinline motorcycles in Seattle WA.


Rustin Olson sends in this nice rider.

I built this myself in my garage. Took sometime but I’m very pleased with the out come of my first build. If so I can send high res pictures.

A beautiful Matchless and a farewell postcard from our old friend Murph.

I’ve been a big fan of “WhereTheHellIsMurph”   for years now. He’s just checked in as he’s about to head out on another of his grand adventures! He does live an enviable life!  Do yourselves a favor and check out all his links and bookmark his blog so you can follow along.  You won’t be sorry.

Murph writes in:

Hiya Steve,long time buddy.
So listen,I’m about to leave the US and have already shipped my motorcycle to Holland where I pick it up May 1st and then do a 2 Wheel Drive Sidecar conversion on it before
I spend the next 3 to 4 years doing a Round the World ride on it,so I wanted to drop you a line to say Hi and bye at the same time.
I was also up in my buddy Peg Leg Craig Anderson’s place in Big Bear CA and what a great collection of old racing bikes he has.
I’ve included a few shots of his 1966 500cc Matchless G85 CS Scrambler.
Hope all is well Steve,and next time I send you something,it will be from somewhere far away from here……




Jay Leno Interview


At the Spectacular Moto Guzzi Cafe!

A very nice surprise in my inbox today brought to you from Axel at Kaffeemaschine. Please do pay them a visit and take a look around. You won’t be disappointed!

Axel writes in:

I built the bike for Thomas Gruner, who had bought a ´89 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 4 in pieces a couple of years ago and didn´t really know what he had bought and how to put it back together again.
He asked me to build a custom cafe racer from his bits and pieces.

I was struggeling a lot with the totally crappy inside of his engine and some parts, it was obvious that he bought a disassembled bike which has had an accident incl. an engine damage. He immediately fell in love with the tank lying around in my workshop (though not really ideal for the high neck of the late Le Mans frame), which became his only definite wish for the bike.
Except for the tank, I built all alloy parts on the bike by hand, as usual. The engine and transmission got a total revision and now have brandnew stock Le Mans 1000 specs (950ccm, 81hp).
Even with the original power, the Guzzi is performing great after the 183kg “diet” (the stock LM 1000 is around 240kg…)- only the frame loses 3,5kg of steel.
The modified fork is of a California with special stainless steel discs. Brakes are equipped with modern calipers and a momentum support on the rear. Exhaust is Lafranconi, shocks are Ikon, the rev counter is from MMB. The minimal wiring harness is built by myself.

I think Thomas is not the guy who´d fit a totally classic motorcycle (in his case, that´s meant as a compliment). I chose the seat shape and the type of paint because of the impression I had of him- so I wanted it classic and elegant, but a bit of hot rod, too- away from the iconic Italian racer.

Thanks again Axel.