Month: June 2012

This is Dirt Quake! A Sideburn production.

This is “fooking brilliant”! Looks like the brits are taking an American invention and improving on it! And what a great time they are having. Watch the “inappropriate road bike” class. Good luck trying not to laugh your arse off. Why the hell doesn’t this exist here? If it doesn’t it should.

This is Dirt Quake! from SIDEBURN on Vimeo.

A tough looking CB500T. That’s not a typo.

This one almost slipped past me in my spam filter for some reason. Sorry about that Robert. I love where you took it. More proof that you don’t need big bucks for a cool looking ride.

What to do with a CB 500T and some power tools you ask?

I made this thing a long time ago just messing around in my friends garage. I kept this bike out on the street in NYC and had been knocked over and fucked with so many times I decided to go with it. Rust seemed to make the bike look better. I etched out the pattern on the gas tank to make it look even more F-ed up and older while revealing the layers of paint. After all it’s just a CB 500T. Note the angle of the seat matches the frame rail so it looks more a part of the bike. I made it with scrap metal from the roof of junked Nissan 240sx. Hehehe
Great Site, love the bikes. I own a 71 Yamaha R5 350. Will send some pics of that soon.

The latest from Kaffee Maschine. Kaffeemaschine, Guzzi Cafe Racer #6

Some artists work with paint, some with clay or marble and some with steel and chrome. This is humbling for most folks who like to build their own. Leaves me a tad speechless.

The latest from Kaffee Maschine


The bike was built for Brian Cowan (UK), who wanted a pure custom racebike for vintage racing. His preconditions were: fast, red/silver, cast wheels. And he wanted to ride the biker´s classics (next week) with it, so the schedule was tight. If you are there and see him riding his red “Kaffeemaschine” rather slow- he still has to break in his brandnew engine…
That is a modified/tuned V11 unit (1040ccm, 95hp), combined with a 1980 frame- the Guzzi racer was built from single components. Dry weight is 176kg. I modified a LM1 fairing and chose a Magni-shape GFK tank. The fork is a revised Guzzi original with modern dampers and springs, shocks are special Ikon ones, brake components are new and improved. All other parts are handcrafted, as usual.
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Cafe Sporty.

I don’t post many of these but I do like them generally.  In this case the description was so honest I couldn’t resist.

Jim ~~
Attached is a pic of my identity-challenged naked, flat track, super moto, cafe chaser. Lot of fun to ride.
Love your site, keep up the great work.

Hermit hold

I might go for different colored wheels but different strokes and all that.  Would definitely be a fun back roads scoot.