A tough looking CB500T. That’s not a typo.

This one almost slipped past me in my spam filter for some reason. Sorry about that Robert. I love where you took it. More proof that you don’t need big bucks for a cool looking ride.

What to do with a CB 500T and some power tools you ask?

I made this thing a long time ago just messing around in my friends garage. I kept this bike out on the street in NYC and had been knocked over and fucked with so many times I decided to go with it. Rust seemed to make the bike look better. I etched out the pattern on the gas tank to make it look even more F-ed up and older while revealing the layers of paint. After all it’s just a CB 500T. Note the angle of the seat matches the frame rail so it looks more a part of the bike. I made it with scrap metal from the roof of junked Nissan 240sx. Hehehe
Great Site, love the bikes. I own a 71 Yamaha R5 350. Will send some pics of that soon.

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