Outstanding BMW R71 “Replica”…

I didn’t get a lot of info on this.  Can someone enlighten me?  I suspect it’s a “knock off” kitted out to look like an early BMW?  Or am I way off here.  Not my area of expertise… obviously.  This was sent to me as a for sale post way back in November so I would think it’s sold by now.  But all the same… Great looking scoot though!

SAM_1659 SAM_1659_1 SAM_1660 SAM_1667 SAM_1668 SAM_1658

A really Excellent CL77 Restoration

Thanks to Matt Krsul. Sorry about the foul-ups. I have a “legendary” (in a bad way) spam filter. Please do keep em coming!

I had sent this before as well as a couple others and never did see anything. I am resending this one.

A complete ground up restoration for a customer on this 1967 CL77 Scrambler. Customer did not want a “Perfect” one, but one he would be comfortable riding as well as showing.
Interesting sidenote: My father started the Honda Dealership in Butte in 1961. I remember Jim buying Honda’s at our family store back then. This was not one of them but a neat story non the less.
I have more bikes to send photos of as time permits.

Matt Krsul

Used 423

Used 425

Used 427

A seriously trick little Suzuki 2 stroke racer restoration from South Africa!

Folks who know me know how much I love old 2-strokes and this is one trick little scoot!

Thanks to George Wenman!

Hi these are pic of the restoration of a 1980s Yamaha 50 in a Suzuki frame my name is George Wenman I live in Cape Town South Africa

1959 NSU Supermax Restoration from Argentina. A fantastic and well documented save!

Mariano Labat sends in some before and after pics of this excellent NSU rebuild. Very impressive!

Hello, my name is Mariano and I live in Argentina.
(I bought) this bike two years ago with the idea of restoring it. After much work the finish. I wanted to share this with your blog.

YEAR 1959
250 cm3
Greetings and thanks

Thank you Mariano! You did Fantastic Job!



Some nice build pics as well. I really like that engine stand!

Before and After!! A Stunning 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

Now THAT”S a save! Hard to believe it’s the same bike. For more shots of the bike in process take a few minutes and check out his gallery pages. There’s a lot of other excellent Ducati shots there as well. Nicely done Craig!

Craig Kenfield writes in:

I saw a link to your site on Ductalk which led to some before and after photos of a Ducati single. Here’s my version of a similar bike… it’s a 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr that was restyled using older Ducati bodywork.

After spending too many years working on it on and off I finally got it back on the road just in time for the vintage bike festival at Barber Motorsports last year. With about 15 miles on the bike we threw it on the trailer and drove 13 hours to get there. Took it off the trailer and it ran great all weekend.

Outstanding Laverda 750 SF2 “Before and After” restoration pics.

There’s a real satisfaction that’s hard to explain to have literally held your classic motorcycle’s crankshaft in your hands and brought the bike all the way back. That’s one hell of a save for one hell of a nice classic. Thanks to Brian Conner for the album links. Here’s a link to the complete smugmug album thread. Great Stuff.

The glamor shots!

And a few from the trip there. See the link above for the whole album.

Another Chanderjeet Royal Enfield miracle build…

When I look at builds like this it humbles me. I realize that comparatively, I’m lazy slob who spends too much time thinking and not enough doing. Off to the shop with me to make amends to the gods of the mods..

And for crying out loud head over to the ADV rider build thread and check out the full history on this bike.

Hey there,

As you read in the title, the project was to fix an old beaten up 1965 Royal Enfield to a Scrambler. I live in New Delhi, India and this Enfield was originally imported from UK. All pics from start till today are updated on my advrider thread. Here’s the link ::

Also a little history on the project, this was my second project (you also featured my other project on your website. It was a Royal Enfield Cafe Racer). This has been named after my wife too (Richa + Enfield = Richenfield). Also, no fancy machines were involved in making of this bike as you will see in the pics, all custom work was done by hand and all body work was done the same way.

From this:

To this:

And finally arriving here: