Fantastic “save” of this Gorgeous 1938 NSU 601 OSL vintage racer from Germany.

Michael writes in. Great job!

Hi there,
I’m from Germany (Saxonia) and now I finished the winter work.
This is a 1938 NSU 601 OSL rebuilt only for races.
I bought the motocycle a few years ago as a scrap heap. Had every bolt in my hands
The engine is high tuned and can go over 140 km/h. We won quite a few prizes at the races.
Last winter I made a few improvements. Exhaust placed up, oil buffle and perfomance enhancement.
First start in two weeks on the “AdMV Classic Cup”.
Have a nice time!

Kind regards, Michael Löscher






1959 NSU Supermax Restoration from Argentina. A fantastic and well documented save!

Mariano Labat sends in some before and after pics of this excellent NSU rebuild. Very impressive!

Hello, my name is Mariano and I live in Argentina.
(I bought) this bike two years ago with the idea of restoring it. After much work the finish. I wanted to share this with your blog.

YEAR 1959
250 cm3
Greetings and thanks

Thank you Mariano! You did Fantastic Job!



Some nice build pics as well. I really like that engine stand!

Update: And we’re back with a great photo album from Germany!

Here’s a rough youtube video that has some clips of the big NSU bison 2000 sidecars in action. They sound like cannons!

Ben sends in a link to his excellent Photo Album from his weekend travels.

He Writes in:
Hi Steve,
my name is Ben, i live in Germany (near Stuttgart in Swabia) and I did a little trip yesterday to the Technikmuseum Sinsheim. This is a museum full of cars, planes, bikes, tanks and so on. Additionally, this weekend was a bike meeting, too. Just about 1000 bikes, which distracted me from taking pictures. But I got some nice pics of the bikes from the museum, including the 1000 and 2000 ccm NSU Bisons (single cylinder!).
here is the link, feel free to use the pics, so I can donate something to your website (which i like very much)!

Greetz Ben

Wow! I’ve never heard of this bike! I can only imagine the performance characteristics!