Welcome to the replacement of my old “Mototcycle Picture Of The Day” blog that used to be  on blogger.  I had a disagreement with the Google “bots” and rather than tilt at windmills I decided to pack up and head over here to WordPress and start all over again.  It’s different but it’s very well done and I  like what I get for the money. 

A few notes about the move:
Sorry but I am going to be very strict about copyright.  Either the content is collected by me from my camera or it is provided to me in the original format with express permission of the owner to post it on here.  No more freelancing with content collection.  

Now that the old site has been transferred over, I’d like just keep on rolling! So!  If you’ve got any interesting motorcycle photo’s and/or videos PLEASE send me whatever you have. The higher resolution the better. I have lots of tools for making them smaller but I can’t put in what I don’t have.  The new e-mail address is :  MCPOTD@gmail.com

Please include as original a photo as possible and please indicate that I have permission to re-post it on here.   I’m not sure how much to expect or how long it will take me to sort through it all but I do read every single e-mail and I will get to it.  So please be patient.

There’s lots more but this should get us started…  Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


    1. Re: Honda in a crate.
      This is going back probably 50 years. A fellow I knew had a BSA 650 touring still in a crate. He used it as a breakfast counter in his kitchen. Glass table top, looked nice!

  1. Happy to find you again. I am so glad to visit this site each day to enjoy the great pictures of bikes that I love.

  2. Whew! Was getting withdrawal pains.
    Glad were back on line. Ads are OK with me. other specialized forums that I visit do it successfully with minimum intrusion.
    How about a sub section or category for pictures of “The way we were “.period pictures of us readers with the bikes that are now classics.

  3. I found the new site today, YEE-HA! I was checking several time daily. I always looked forward to seeing what was new on the old site…it was the FIRST thing I checked every morning. Glad to see I’ll still be able to do that. Keep up the good work!

  4. Finding your new site has put the smile back on my face. Like so many others, I check in every day and love the mix of bikes. When the site disappeared it was like a death in the family! Great to see you back and best of luck with the setting up.


  5. Thanks for a great site however it is put together. Was missing it for a while. Then got to thinking (whilst it was down) you might have spent a bit of time with the rubber facing the wrong way. (touch wood)

    Glad to see everything is cool and you’re doing ok with the frustrating bits.

  6. My day starts with a visit at 4 motorcycle blogs – 8negro, bike exif, motoart and this one. I love them all!
    I was really missing motocycle picture of the day, I understood that my day is sad without it.
    I’m 51 by the way, and you make feel like 18!
    Thanks a lot

  7. Glad to see you back up… just a suggestion, put up a submissions form and remove that e-mail link, you will get so much spam from posting a raw link on the internet it will swamp your inbox.

    Anyway site looks great and I am very glad to see you back on line!

  8. I’m very happy that you’re back! A morning without your site is like one without coffee.
    Can’t get enough vintage stuff and Mot’art is always a highlight! Best of luck on your new site…

  9. Hi, love your blog, and congrats on being up and running again.
    I work in Angola, in a secure camp, so checkin out your posts is a way to help me stay sane, as well as toture myself missing mu bikes.
    1 question, I thought I saw a rare ( I have never seen one before) German bike, circa 1952 or so, that had an aircraft starter motor.
    It had a single sided fork, and the exhaust ran through the swingarm.
    You had a link to Youtube, which I never saved.
    I would love to show others this bike, was I hallucinating, or did I ( although unlikely ) see it somewhere else.I can’t find it here now.
    Thanks, and keep up the awesome site.

  10. genome468 on January 14, 2011 i checked out your site. not bad. its done prttey much like craigslist so i enjoyed the familiarity. A question tho. how long has the site been up? This can grow to be a big thing just like craigslist.. good luck to ya

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