Really trick Honda XR80. The bike of my dreams when I was 10 or so…

Just a really primo restomod. I’d have killed for one of these once upon a time..



  1. um, that is a really nice bike, but its actually a 1980 model cr80 2 stroke. look close at the exhaust direction going to the left, front forks with the wheel mounted forward, and the kickstart. super rare tho, i like!

  2. Ummm nope. Look at the exhaust again. If that’s a 2 stroke then it’s got SERIOUS power problems with that pipe. It’s a totally tricked out XR. Was sent to me a while back.

  3. Hello Very trick….I’m currently building an 82 xr80 with DG swingarm, piggy back shocks….Any idea where or what kind of pipe he’s running? thank you

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