1. Great looking bike!! A little sporty, a lot of street, and some touring thrown in for good measure! I like it.

  2. It’s an incredible survivor. I took this picture last weekend in South London. A couple of hours later I met the owner in a pub. Not much history to the bike, just sensible mods for its age. A real beauty

    1. hi guys its my bike , thanks for posting the pic , i hope you enjoy it ,
      i`ve owned the bike for over 20 years and it gets used regularly , its had the second gear replaced , cam chain and a couple of valves some time ago , the colis have been upgraded to honda vf 1000 f . The exhaust is a 4-1 sebring which im not sure are available any more , the originals would have been black chrome mufflers . the rear shocks ohlins were fully serviced 4-5 years ago , progressive springs in the front forks . im not sure that the chrome indicators are the originals as i believe they should be black and on a stalk on the rear from the rear light . its done best part of 90,000 miles and is very reliable , im hoping to get the seat refoamed in the near future . i prefer riding this one over my TDM & i wont be parting with it any time soon ,

      1. forgot to add , front brakes are Harrison billet 4pots ( same fitment as RD350LC ) on EBC floating discs and braided hoses

  3. Rick and his XS1100 Sport represent prime examples of classic bikes/bikers at their best. The old XS1100 is a “bargain basement” route into classic bikes and Rick has embraced this hook, line and sinker. His sensible mods have impressed enthusiasts all over the world (There are XS1100 enthusiast groups in Europe, America and Australia as well as out own UK group) and this bike has seen service in quite a few UK and overseas events. Nice to see it and him out and about for another “season”. Well done mate!

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