Dave Martin

Another fantastic BSA scrambler from Mr Dave Martin.

You can find lots more from Dave over at bsabitsscrapsandallsorts. He’s linked over in the sidebar. A real beauty Dave!

MV Agusta MV3 strip show..

Thanks again to reader David Martin for this great photograph. You don’t often see them this “vulnerable” lol.. You can really see the design intent of this machine. Very large frame tubes (for the time). This bike was clearly designed to brawl.

June 6th 2009…. WOW!!!!

June 6th 2009…. Go here and just keep scrolling. A BIG thank you to regular contributor Mr David Martin for the link to these fantastic photographs.

Dave Writes:
June 6th was a big day it was in all of the papers here’s what the old motorcycle boys done to remember it scroll half way down the pictures before you understand how many people took part , great effort dave

Excellent Triton from a contributor who really needs his due.

Mr Dave Martin has been supplying me with some great stuff for a while now. I’ve received so much material in such a short time that it’s made me hesitate on how to best present it. Well I can’t hold back for too long so I’m just going to start laying it down on a regular basis. Here’s one of my favorites! A jewel of a Triton. That’s a Triumph engine in a Norton (usually “Featherbed”) frame.