Month: May 2011

Update: One Cool Commando!

From the photo comments section:
Hey guys, thanks for the photo salute. I spent over a year specifically designing and CAD rendering all the bodywork parts for this. All the parts were then produced in my shop and are currently for sale on my website.
I don’t want to drop names but my current bike project will be seen in the Cafe Racer Mag. next issue. David Ashenbrener

From “riding Into History”…

Guzzi lust..

Matt Machine sent me the kind of note I love to get… Especially when it involves his Guzzi.

Hey Steve, hope your well mate,,….
hope you liked the Guzzi I just finished….came out great…fast too….keep up the good work mate…


So I strolled on over to his always excellent site and lo and behold…

Damm that is sweet… Head on over there for lots more pics and all the delicious details..

These nice Honda V4’s are coming out of the woodwork! (and a nice bonus Ducati Pic)

Phil Day sends in this beauty:

Here’s another VF1000R Interceptor for comparison with the two recently
posted. This is mine, a 1986 VF1000RG model, UK spec in original Rothman colours.

Wow that’s nice! Thanks for the pics Phil!

An a nice Ducati Bonus photo that he included in the e-mail. Phil if you’d like to elaborate on the Duck drop me a line! Great Stuff!

A really stunning Yamaha SR500 Cafe from a reader in Holland

Noud from Holland writes in with this exquisite Cafe thumper build.

I really like the photo’s Ive seen , Maybe i can make a contribution with some pictures of mine 1980 SR500 Yamaha.
It kept me off the street for the last 10 months but now its time to take him out.
Hopefully you like them.

Really Really nice bike. Congratulations!

Interesting take on a modofied Kawasaki Police bike..

I like it!

Sean Riel writes in:
Just sitting here at work on a break and thought I would send you a picture of a recent project of mine.

My wife got it for me as a 40th birthday present last fall. I came as a roller with all the parts in boxes. It’s a 1981 KZ1000 Police Special that I’ve turned into a café/rat bike that is just a blast to ride. Great blog and thanks for looking.