Mor from Hieth Montgomery. A rare and Pristine 1991 GSXR 400RR

1991 GSXR 400RR! Don see many of these and certainly not in this nice a condition. What ever happened to the 400 class.

Update: Top Five alltime favorite production bikes week! One of Five: The Ducati 916. Timeless Classic

This would easily make my top 5 all time list.  The other four might get interesting though.  Hey I think I have my theme for the week!  Top 5 all time production favorites.  We’ll call this first of the five.  I’ll just do them as a group without a particular ranking.  My mood changes too much anyway.

Reader Ride. Excellent Old-School Suzuki Sprotbike :) Wanderlust Pic.

I still love those old GSXR’s

Austin says this is on highway 20. North cascades pass, Washington state. He had a few other shots that looked great but they were too small / low resolution to post. If you can re-send those I’ll be happy to add them.

Thanks Much