Mystery Solved!

Wow!  I mean holy freaking WOW!

Got this in my inbox.  Hey Rick I’m sure there will be requests for progress and/or build pics.  Please keep us posted!

Rick Booth

This bike started our a 1950/ ZB34/ BSA…all that’s left is the crank,barrel and trans, the rest I made except for the tires, rubber is hard to work with…it’s been in a few shows a usually gets attention wherever I show it ….later Rick Booth


  1. Oh well. A Beeza not a Norton, at least I knew it was British and I kind of recognised it 😀

    That is some amazing work there.

  2. Nerg dear,
    You might have ‘recognised’ it I certainly didn’t. There wasn’t a single thing to give the game away..
    [no pun intended..]
    Now that I can see the above photo’s I can [sort of ] see BSA but.. the size of the head threw it for me.
    Thanks for this

  3. WRONG!!!!!!!! Its a different motorcycle. No common parts whatsoever. This bike has been finished for a few years now. The other bike is not finnished, still a work in progress.

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