7 comments on “And Congratulations to Elena Myers First Woman to Win at Daytona!

  1. I’ve always said that when the girls decide to get into it they will be great riders. Lighter, shorter, and with a lower COG. Look out guys.

  2. Congrats to Elena!

    Is that for sure, what Simon commented about a low COG helping? I can see that being a factor, but would think that a HIGH center of gravity isn’t so bad either. If the goal is to keep the bike as upright as possible in turns….a long torso with a high center of gravity would exert better leverage on the bike from a leaning position. No? I guess, a high COG and long torso would be hard to flip from side to side though.

    Before the “you’re an idiot” comments start getting posted, please keep in mind this question comes from an adventure touring background, and obviously, very little sportbike racing knowledge.

  3. I am a touring Harley guy, of 40 years experience, anyone that can ride like that be it male or female, has my utmost admiration. Congrats to Elena.

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