1. Well, my Man, this is getting better by the posting.. or blow-up.. whatever.
    I have no idea what this is or could be.. I’ve never seen that pattern for a drive side.
    For the cylinder and barrel.. a bit odd here.. the head looks way oversize for the cylinder fin area..
    [ nothing wrong with that have a look historically at a Velocette Mk8 KTT.. oooooooh lovely] but this has got my juices going..
    I NEED TO KNOW MORE.. FGS.!! CHASE THEM FOR MORE PICS..Each and every angle.. AND..and SOME DETAILS.. Is it full size or part scale.. what is the projected engine size [ to look at I’d say 500cc]
    I am desperate to do a 500 single.. BSA Gold Star preferred.. in a Rickman Metisse frame. but the frame bit isn’t happening [I can get an old frame.. but what’s under the nickel..? old, old, old..]
    So, is this the answer.. a modern and clearly stylish single.
    Oh please Lord..
    And MORE PHOTO’S..

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