Just a great shop shot.

From Rick Booth

My son and I build motorcycles,current bike in background , will send more later…Thanks Rick Booth

That’s a really interesting bike you’ve got there. Please Keep us posted!


  1. What IS that in the background..?
    NOooo not a Manx.. wrong shape engine. Japanese perhaps.. but cylinder head way to big for any Jap single seen in Europe.. hmmmmmmmmm I wonder..?
    Truth is.. I don’t know. Nothing I’m familiar with.. NOT italian.. so what..? Home brewed..?
    I thought maybe 1/3 or 1/2 size model.. can’t really tell.
    Whatever it is.. DO tell us please so we can all know. And whatever it is.. I’ll have one. {as a lifelong lover of lightweight Brit singles I was hoping to do a Metisse framed special.. frame man can’t oblige again.. BUGGER.!!]
    Ah well..

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