6 comments on “An XS650 chop I actually like.

  1. I’m with you,too many of these getting poorly butchered, but this is a very nice ride with fairly simple but really nice mods. Really like it

  2. If it makes you feel any better the bike was rescued from the scrap yard! So instead of being crushed it lives on to see another day.

      • I looked up the “21″ Honda CR250 front wheel” that you said you used, and they all come back as disc brakes. Did you use a different hub to get that mini drum brake? And how does that mini drum brake do on stopping? Thanks! Great build. This winter I’m starting my first XS650 bobber build.

  3. Actually it’s an XL250 wheel from what I can tell. Obviously the mini drum is not as good as a disc but as long as your a “heads up” rider it’s fine. Plus the look of a drum is much more of a classic look than the disc in my opinion and it surely beats having nothing up front!

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