Month: May 2013

An interesting but seriously “oddball” Moto Guzzi build… Why?

I see that it’s a sideways mounted Moto Guzzi Engine in a custom frame with an external transmission to a chain drive… What I don’t see is why? The twisting forces of all that mass on one side of the centerline of the bike (and high up too) must make for a VERY interesting ride. An engineering marvel but a LOT of work for an odd goal IMHO. I doo like the oddballes though..




Bad little BSA Bantam

This is my kind of build!  I’m replied to Roy asking for a bit more info on the build.  It might not jump out at first glance but there is a LOT of love in this little bike.  That kind of HP out of a Bantam is impressive.

Hi. I was just checking out the Arrow racer on your site. Here is my BSA Bantam with an arrow engine which is kicking out 22bhp at 8000 rpm. I’m just in the process of going for 30bhp at 10000 rpm. She is a twin carb, crankcase reed valve induction, etc etc.

rs250 reeds 032

Arr 002