1. Steve,
    I wrote asking where this show is held.. now I know. Thanks.
    This IS a lovely bike.. a real world CHANGER. There are only a few but this is certainly one of them.
    Sadly, I’ve never owned one and prices here in the Uk have taken off.. and no matter as at 6’4″.. I certainly couldn’t get comfy on one. Fabulous thing tho’ and soooo beautiful. My choice of ALL the japanese bikes.
    ps: I wrote to you privately.. do please reply.

    1. I was lucky enough to own this bike’s little brother, the 1986 VFR 750. (700 in America). I really loved that bike! I also later had a 1994 VFR 750 which I also loved! It lost the red, white, and blue paint job, but it gained the single-sided swing arm. I put a high exit exhaust and a fender eliminator kit on it to show off the exposed wheel! I miss BOTH of my VFRs!

  2. Just found these pics of my RC30 on the web. Actually the fairings are hand laid fiberglass instead of plastic. I pulled a second place trophy that day. The Honda next to me pulled 1st. I enjoy riding it and try to share it with others who know what it is. Thanks for posting these pics.

    1. I think this as just appeared on eBay in the U.K. the guy selling says he bought it from you in 2021

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