Beautiful Laverda Wanderlust.

Scott Potter was kind enough to give me access to a huge stockpile of really great photo’s so you’ll be seeing them on here from time to time. First up is this georgous Laverda.

Scott wrot in:
This ’82 Jota belongs to my friend Thomas Eatman of Cycledoctor
Rennsport service, in southern Germany, who bought it new in Phoenix.
I’m not so sure there is a bike available new today I would like to
keep forever. I expect tom will keep this one on the ride to Valhalla
rather than a maiden.

This photo was taken at a lunch break somewhere in Austria. I’d have
to go back and look at my notes of the trip to know exactly where. He
and I rode through the alps to the Laverda party escorting the
Laverdaforhealth bunch part of the way on their adventure
(these four fellows rode 100cc bikes from London to northern Italy).
great fun. one for the bucket list to be sure 😉

Sounds like a great trip on a fantastic bike Scott. Thanks for all f this. It’s very much appreciated.

Reader Ride. A Death Valley Warrior.

Jay Writes in:

I love the site; please keep doing what you’re doing.
This is my 2006 Yamaha Warrior on a recent trip to Death Valley.  It’s not a cafe or vintage ride but it has taken me to some cool places and keeps a smile on my face!  The picture was taken from Dante’s View at 5,550 ft elevation, or 5,832 feet higher than Badwater Basin in the valley below.  Death Valley is a great place to ride this time of year, especially when home is still snowy and cold.


More proof that ANY bike can be an adventure bike. Great Stuff. Thanks for the shot!

UPDATE: Cool shot. A Trans.. scratch that… Africa Twin going through the mountain!

A few folks in the comments pointed out that this is actually and Africa Twin which I should know except we are SORELY lacking in them here in the US. To our everlasting shame 😦

From the comments:
It is an Africa Twin 😉
This Photo was taken in the Italian alps on the Passo Della Mendola near Bolzano.
It is always a great trip to the alps 🙂


No doubt. And thanks much for the correction.

Reader Ride… Monument Valley Wanderlust.

I saw this on ADV rider and Tom was kind enough to give me permission to post this. It’s one of those picture of a lifetime shots that I don’t have enough of myself. What a Shot!

He Writes in:
This was taken moments after arriving at Monument Valley for the night after the Labor Day weekend of 2010. This was my first serious motorcycle trip out of my home state of Virginia. I went with a co-worker that had done the cross country trip a few times, this was his first long trip on his 2003 BMW R1150GS.. The goal was to travel some of Utah’s scenic roads and see some sights. We saw and photographed some incredible scenes on the trip. I have been riding sense 2004 and bought the BMW R1100RT April 2010. The bike is perfect for such a trip and it ran flawlessly.

We rode Routes 24 and 12 and stayed with a couple (Ken and Shirley) in Kanab Utah for Labor Day weekend that is on a motorcycle guest hosting web site. They were top rate hosts that showed us some areas that we probably wouldn’t have seen. Monument Vally was very unreal. I really need to get back out there.


Hard Core Landscape Wanderlust… The Lostrider Panaroma.

I’m glad that Finn gave me to OK to use this photo right after I asked him because I would have probably made a pest of myself till he did.   He took this shot  “from a quick ride I did to Chicago from LA, with a detour around Moab…”  God I can’t wait till I get some free time to go explore on the big DR.  Don’t know about Moab but anywhere outside of flat old Florida would be a nice change.   Please do yourself a favor and go visit his site over at LOSTRIDER.com.  Tons of great shots that will put you in the mood to go ride and explore.


Thanks Finn.


What a Great Wanderlust Photo! Could be a BMW Ad!

Joe Snyder over on ADV Rider was gracious enough to let me re-post this fantastic photograph!  And he also let me know about a new blog he’s starting that I thing is a just a great idea!

He writes in:

That’s a great blog you’ve got and it’s now in my favorites

That was taken Sep 18th 2010 on The Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway. That’s Lake Placid in the background

On a similar note, I have just put up a blog www.adventurefoodnetwork.com where i am aiming to get riders to post the places they eat on the road as a reference for others who may be travelling the same areas. I’d love to have you check it out and possibly pass it along to anyone you know who may be interested in that type of thing

Happy New Year

Like I told him, I think food travel and motorcycles are as natural a fit for a blog as there is.  I’m jealous I never thought of it.  Be sure and pay him a visit and if you’ve got material for his blog send it along!  I now have an excuse to take a ride to my favorite local pub and get him some material.  BONUS!  Thanks again Joe!