Reader Ride. Custom Benelli 250

Pete Boyd keeps sending them in. Thanks Pete!

Thanks for posting my CL 350 cafe bike. Here is my 1968 Wards/Benelli 250. The seat is mounted to a car leaf spring. The round thing above the bars is an 8 ball shifter knob mounted to adjust the steering damper. The tail light is stock but I cut off the back support and mounted it upside down. Benelli won the 250cc world championship in 1968…my how things have changed!

Shoutout to all the links…

I received a request to take a look at a newer Italian blog called “Remastered Cycle” today (they’re excellent by the way and now in the blog links) and I thought this would be a good time shine some light on all the sites over on the list.  There must be something in the fall air because folks have been blogging up a storm lately.  Take some time and click around over there.  Plenty to see.

… and here’s a shot of an cool bike from the latest addition.  Interesting stuff all over the place.