moto guzzi

Beautiful Guzzi from an all Italian e-mail.

I received an e-mail with a lot of info all in Italian that had this photo attached. Now I admit that I can be bought and a photo like this just about does it. When I clicked on the photo it took me to this website (again all in Italian) called .  It’s such a nicely produced website that I wish I spoke the language.  Really nice stuff (and no there were no viruses or anything it’s all legit).  Check em out.  Here is the Babelfish translated link if you’re interested.  Anyway sweet Guzzi!

Update: Radical Custom Guzzi.

Damm that’s different! Maybe not for everyone but I like it. Found this over on ADV Rider with no other significant info.

Update: Well here you go then. More info about the bike and builder!  Thanks to all of you who e-mailed and commented with the info.

Shoutout to all the links…

I received a request to take a look at a newer Italian blog called “Remastered Cycle” today (they’re excellent by the way and now in the blog links) and I thought this would be a good time shine some light on all the sites over on the list.  There must be something in the fall air because folks have been blogging up a storm lately.  Take some time and click around over there.  Plenty to see.

… and here’s a shot of an cool bike from the latest addition.  Interesting stuff all over the place.