Reader rides. A Fantastic Collection of Offroad Bikes.

Reader Don Shores sends in the fantastic pics of his collection. I’d be insanely thrilled to own any of these much less the collection. Really excellent bikes Don. thanks much for sharing them.

He writes in with the following:

A 1974 CZ Falta Replica 250cc,

1982 KTM 495, break your leg starting, if not careful!

And here’s a couple more AJS Stromer 250

Rickman 125 Zundapp.

I start my day with your site!!

Thanks again Don!

Reader Submittal. Some Rickmans and a nice replica Harley!

Williw writes in:
Hello again,
I thought I’d send you a couple more pics I took while attending the Vintage Days events at Barber last Fall. This time I’ve attached pics of a pair of beautiful Rickman framed fours. One a 750 Honda the other a Z1 Kawasaki.  The other pic is of a replica of the Sportster Michael Parks “rode” in the 70’s TV series “Then Came Bronson”.  The owner has a website, www.thencamebronson.com,  thats quite a tribute to the show.
Keep up the great work!
Willie in TN

Great Stuff Willie!  Thanks!

Well, I couldn’t resist a little natural curiosity about the show “And Then Came Bronson” and found this intro video on youtube.