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Trusted Vendors. A bigtime shoutout to the folks at Seat Concepts.

While I understand that I am WAAAAY behind on updating my trusted vendors page I would be remiss if I didn’t give a prominent mention to the folks over at Seat Concepts. Many regulars know that my daily mule is a well used but nicely updated 2001 DR650.  It’s gone through quite a few phases and it’s really grown on me.  One of the serious drawbacks to this otherwise excellent bike is the stock seat. I’ve had a few workarounds to this problem. The ATV seat gel pad from Walmart was a nice $17 solution but it looked like a $17 solution.  I didn’t want to drop nearly $400 on a Corbin or Sargent so I was thrilled to find a company called Seat Concepts. What they do is provide a completely re-sculpted replacement seat foam and cover along with simple direction on how to install it on your stock seat pan. And the prices are beyond reasonable.   So, I got in on a group buy on ADV rider (saved a few more bucks) and ordered a grip cover with the firm foam.  Everything worked out perfectly.   Quality and service were perfect….  all except for the fact that the “firm” seatfoam was way TOO firm for my liking.  It just wasn’t working out.

Well, as it happens I stumbled across an ADV Rider thread where someone else had the same complaint and wanted to sell their seat.   I commented that I was having the same issue and that I too was going to probably just going to sell the seat and fork out the cash for a Corbin.  It didn’t occur to me to contact them.  After all it wasn’t their fault I didn’t like the seat.  Plenty of other folks were perfectly happy with theirs. Well by chance the folks from Seat Concepts saw the thread and got in touch with me along with the person who had posted the thread.  In a few days they took care of both of us  and made it right.  I got a new foam in the mail a few days later and it was the perfect solution. I took a long ride this weekend and I couldn’t be happier.  These guys are a first class operation all the way.  Very high quality and a fantastic value.    Oh and for those of you wondering, installation was no sweat.  Generally all you need is a wee bit of confidence and a good staple gun.  But if you don’t want to risk it they will install everything to your seat pan for you for a reasonable fee.  It’s still a great deal.

So if you’ve got any sort of enduro or dirtbike with the typical 2×4 post for a seat and you want an affordable solution be sure and check em out at:  You won’t be sorry.  (And for the record, they treat everyone this way.  You don’t need a well read blog to get their attention – Thanks again gents!)

Here’s a shot of my DR with their wares..