I sense a disturbance in the force.

We’ve come a loooong way folks.  For all the detail go check out the excellent post at Asphalt and Rubber. An all electric motorcycle has finished second against a field of internal combustion engined racebikes.  (literbike v-twin – in the WERA Heavyweight Twins Superbike & Superstock race classes).  The video is interesting.  You can see the great torque characteristics of the bike.  But I find the electric whine tho be like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Earplugs would be mandatory.

Mission One Electric Sportbike

If it lives up to the Hype (150 range, 150mph top speed) this “could” be the worlds first practicle all electric sportbike. Website Here. And A great post over at “The Vintegent”