Month: August 2015

Excellent “old skool” Triumph Trident Cafe

“Hey Mate, I noticed you haven’t posted in a while, so in case you’re lacking some quality material here you go! I give permission for you to post any of these images to the blog; motorcycle photo of the day. I would appreicate it if you would mention that they where taken by Luckyman photography.

The bike is a triumph trident ex-racer. found in a shed at a deceased estate and mechanically rebuilt leaving the lovely old beaten race bike look. the number 12 is from a recent hill climb event held in the southwest of western Australia. Photos taken in the Perth region by me.
I hope they can be of use to you, cheer’s
Sam luckmanĀ  ”
RideonRide-22 RideonRide-21 RideonRide-23