3 comments on “Another Fantastic Ride From Ted Guthrie. 1975 Can-Am 175 TNT

  1. The bike looks great. I owned either a 1975 or 1976 model and sadly I can’t remember which year. The engine was strong and it could climb, however the brakes were weak after a creek crossing.

    Thanks again for the photos to jog my memory.

  2. hey i have one of those exact same bikes i am currently rebuilding the engine on it but my dad bought a 125 tnt when he was a kid in 1974 and my grandpa bought the 175 in 1975 and my dad gave me both bikes i fixed up his 125 which i ride all the time and once i fix up the 175 it will be pretty much a brand new with only 156 original miles on it. its nice to see that people still have Can-am’s

    my name is matt by the way age 16

  3. I had a 1974 version of this bike when I was 14. It kinda was a handful, as you speculated. LOL. Mine had a different speedometer than the one in your post (no trip meter), and oddly, it had a peg at 85 MPH. I broke the needle off on it.

    It was fast, but persnickety; the Bing carburetor was temperamental and the fancy Bosch blackbox ignition kept dying. I finally gave up on it and bought a Yamaha IT250. Was just about as fast as the TNT, but had better suspension and started every time.

    Just discovered your blog, and will surely spend many hours exploring.


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