My 100 dollar paint job! (or tooting my own horn.. lol)

Just got the clearcoat on my long neglected Kawasaki H1. She’s been a faithful bike but I’ve never dressed her out the way she’s deserved. It’s a pretty non-traditional color scheme for the 75 H1. I avoided the blue/teal and went for silver instead. I’ve got all of about 100 dollars in this one including the decals (about $50). Duplicolor lacquer metalspec silver paint (about $10) and a true 2 part clearcoat that comes in a spraycan (about $20 and It’s about as fuel resistant as anything that comes from a gun. Requires a respirator etc.). What you can’t add up is all the stripping and sanding and priming and prepwork that goes into it But if I can do this believe me ANYONE can. The last bike I painted similar to this is still holding up well after 3 years so I’m optimistic that it’ll hold up to general abuse. She’s a rider and not a showbike but I’m pretty happy with it.