Month: October 2010

Reader Submittal…

A truly excellent historical photograph.. 

This is Richard H. O’Loughlin Sr. Boston Mass State Police 1935 Indian Scout.  He was a member of the Massachusetts (Mass) State Police.   He retired badge number one many years ago and past many years ago as well.

Sent in by his grandson.!  Thanks Again Richard!  Fantastic pic!

Reader Two-For-One And An Update On A Previously Posted Tracker.

Mike C Writes in with a nice Wanderlust Ducati and an unfortunate update on his wicked SR500 Tracker!

I had a look at some recent snaps thought you might like this for your ‘ Wanderlust ‘ bit.
It was taken a few weeks back by my buddy Rick H. outside of Rangely Lake NH.
The bike is my ‘ 98 748 with an 853 kit (among other mods) and 106,000km. on the clock.
The photo gives no warning of the hour and a half I would be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, in the pouring rain, later that day.
Sadly my countershaft sprocket chewed the splines on the shaft, and broke the chain sending it through my engine cases just two weeks ago. I was thinking of opening the motor, just for fun, this winter anyway. Looks like I have some quality time in the garage over the next little while.

Oh, and more distressing news. My SR managed to ‘ shed ‘ its rear tail/subframe due to vibration…I am already McGyvering a tail from a Honda RS250 roadracer onto the mighty SR….Hey, I start shooting paint tomorrow !
Thanks for the site, I check in every day & always get a charge checking out the new postings.
Mike C.

Here’s the link to his original post on the SR.

Great Stuff.  Thanks Mike and sorry for the delay in getting it posted. I’m getting flooded lately.  All good!