Month: March 2011

Sunset Bonnie..

Sorry…I forgot who it was exactly that sent this to me.  It was included with some shots of another bike.  Very tasty though

Yeah I suck…

Posting is light and will continue to be for a short while.  Too many reasons to list.  Unfortunately none of them involve fun or motorcycles.   In the mean time please check out the links in the archives tab on the top of the page.  If you need a fix, there’s TONS of stuff in the archives.

I’ve also been thinking of maybe opening things up to the occasional guest poster.  I have a few folks in mind.    We’ll see.

Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned.

OK Mobile users. How does it look now?

I’ve disabled the I-pad theme enhancement that appears to have been causing people so many problems.  I’ll keep this post pinned for a little while to allow people to comment.  We’ll see how it plays out and go from there.

I also noticed that my default is to “display a mobile theme” by default.  I’m going to leave that on for now as I do not think that this has been the cause of the recent troubles but we can try that too if folk think it’s a problem.

Thanks for your patience.  It appears that wordpress sprung this on us without any warning and made it the default without notifying the bloggers.

UPDATE: Reader Submittal. A “Carbon Fiber CBX…

Redbird posted a good link to more pics in the comments section over on Do The Ton.  Check it out.  And Thanks Redbird!



Kurt sends in this stunner from a local bike night of his:

Steve, I love your blog, please keep up the great work! This is a insane carbon-fiber CBX I took pics of at our local bike night at Pinellas Park , Fl Quaker Steak on 2-23-11. This spot draws 1000’s of bikes on a good night. sorry I don’t have more info for you. I’ve got more pics of various nights if you’d like some.
Thanks again,Kurt

There’s a lot of love in that bike.  That swingarm is a nice touch too.  I’m curious about the tank. Is that solid Carbon fiber or is it an overlay? Looks trick either way but a real CF tank would be quite a build.
Thanks Kurt.