Can everyone “see” the blog OK?

I’ve had a few e-mails asking about the display settings of the blog. Apparently there might be some issues with display on smaller mobile devices. Does anyone else have similar issues? I haven’t changed anything on my end so I’m curious if it’s a system issue or the wordpress.



  1. On my droid MPOTD looks way different. The posts are all there but you have to drill into them to get the pics. None of the colors or layout make it through the translation. Still cool though…

  2. Yeah the times I’ve seen it on mobile devices it basically goes to a white background but it’s still pretty clear. I’ve had some comments about large pixelations on the images making the resolution crappy.

  3. I am using an iPad, and am really hating the mobile layout. I have used wordpress for a blog, and it did not do this.

    Do you have a link to the non-mobile version?

  4. @ Makotosun

    Use the mobile site, open one of the posts and scroll to the bottom, past the comments section. On the right hand side you’ll see a text label that says ‘Full Site’.

    Press that and Hey Presto, you’re dropped into the full site. After pressing that it seems that you will always return to the full site.

    Hope that helps

  5. it’s all good for me, but i’d make the picture at the top be a link to the homepage of this blog, everytime i read a post and want to go back i click there and it doesn’t work 😦

  6. @ Makotosun

    I don’t know then, that what happens on my iPhone in Safari. I would have thought the iPad was the same. Sorry I couldn’t help

  7. Hey Steve, I went to the word press link at the bottom of this page and found an article about their new iPad format. It mentions that you can disable it in your dashboard under “iPad”. I vote for disable, I think your site looks and functions best in it’s original form.

  8. The iphone uses a mobile template. WordPress enabled this new Ipad format on EVERY blog they host by default without advising blog owners in advance, unless you are self hosted. There is as of now no way for a user to choose, so it must be done by the blog owner.

    I disagree with one of the above posters, it is buggy and links don’t work right on my ipad.

    Hell, i can’t even locate a menu to e-mail the blog owner to tell him, so I gotta post here. No link to submit new bike pics.

    Shame on WordPress.

  9. OK I’ll go disable it and do a fresh post on the subject. I’ll pin the post to the top of the page so that people can comment on it. If it goes too far in the “other” direction and we get a whole new set of issues I’ll do some more research and see what comes up. Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

  10. Thank you so much!

    All is good again.

    They are apparently “working” on a user selectable switch for the template, which would be fine.

    The onswipe template is a travest as is.

  11. It’s strange because when you go to the information page they promote it like it’s some fantastic option… which apparently it isn’t..

    1. The problem is, it isn’t an “option” for your users yet. They are working on a user switch, but not yet. It is currently too buggy for me. The Onswipe company – that designed it – is not yet releasing the standalone version to the public it seems. Still in beta. They apparently talked WordPress into being a huge beta test site.

      I like wordpress software and have a self hosted site using it, but I won’t plan on hosting with them on their site after this debaucle.

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