Reader Ride. Triumph Trackmaster.

Wow!  That is a stunner!  Thanks very much to reader Robert Carradine.



      1. Yeah, Don Nowel and I finished building this Trackmaster Triumph in 1980. It was featured in Motorcyclist in the August 1980 issue. The engine was built by Jack Hateley. Its a 750 with Morego barrels, 12:1 pistons, Del’orto carbs and Axtel reverse cones. The front forks are Betors, the rear shocks are Works Performance. The foot pegs are stock Triumph and the brakes are custom made rotors with Grimeca calipers. The ignition is a Triumph E.T. 5 wire stator. The bars are from a Triumph Hurricane as is the front fender and headlight mount. The headlight is a stock Bonneville piece.
        I run it on any good quality race gas and use Morris 30 weight bean oil. If you follow the proper starting procedure, it is a 1 kick machine. I rode it once at El Mirage dry lake and even though it was under geared it went through the timing lights at 121 mph.

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