Royal Enfield

Reader Ride. Another nice Royal Enfield

Simmrit Rajani Writes in:

Been a big fan of your site…and here would like to share pics of my Royal Enfield 500!
Hope u guys there like it!


Thanks Simmrit!

I do.  These bike are growing on me more and more.   The idea of a classic bike with the sort of support network that Royal Enfield provides is very appealing.  It doesn’t hurt that there really nice to look at either.

Georgous 1948 Royal Enfield G350 from Portugal.

What a stunner!

Carlos Fragoso writes in about this beautiful restoration:
I was browsing around and saw yr blog. As I understand the purpose of it I decided to send you some pics of my own. It’s a Royal Enfield G 350 from 1948 that I fully restored. As original as they were back in the 40’s. Hope you like it.
Carlos Fragoso
Porto, Portugal





Helmet Stories. Interesting blog.

Lots of nice material for the Royal Enfield fans out there.
Harsh Man Rai writes in:
It was lovely to see the Lost Rider post and I thought I would share with you some photographs of my ride to Ladakh. I do this ride every year and I find something new — in the landscape, the people and in me — each time

Favorite Production Motorcycle Honorable Mention: Royal Enfield Interceptor

I’m going to run a few “Honorable Mention bikes as I go along.  The first three are posted and I have 2 selections to go.  I’m squirming mightily… so sue me!   lol….

This is a bike I’ve drooled over since I was a pup.  There’s about four or five fantastic British bikes I could put here.  Bikes that are much more popular and more renowned.  The BSA Goldstar,  The Triumph T100C and the Norton Commando 750S are all contenders for a spot. But to be honest I find this bike to be much more striking than just about every other British bike on the planet.  That chrome thank with the old school lettering, and the general stance and line of the bike just hits the perfect notes for me.  I have a local friend who is the “go-to” british bike mechanic and he raves about this bike in looks AND engineering.  He doesn’t understand how they were overlooked for so many decades by British bike fans.  Neither can I.

Outstandind Royal Enfield Scrambler build. A fresh chapter of the Sam Simons Chronicles!!

Sam has built so shared so many interesting bikes with me that he has his own search term over in the cloud.  do yourself a favor and check out some of his other excellent builds.  His 2-stroke bikes are legendary.  you can see more of his stuff over on my 2 Stoke Biker Blog.  I havn’t heard from him in a while and I fugured he’d been up to something special and as usual he doesn’t disappoint.

Sam writes in:

Hello Steve,
Been a while,huh. Well,although I’ve been involved with several non-motorcycle related activities,I did manage to finish the RE500(just yesterday!!).The basis for this 60’s theme street scrambler was a new,dealer leftover ’07 Bullet my wife located in Ohio late in ’08. I bought it for the sole purpose of doing just such a bike,which made for a really odd feeling when I purchased a new machine that: 1) I 

So,I hope you enjoy the pics,Steve.

Always a pleasure Sam!  Keep em coming!


Almost forgot… The before picture!!