2 comments on “Favorite Production Motorcycle Honorable Mention: Royal Enfield Interceptor

  1. A constelation, as I knew it. Yes had one of these engines in a A10 (BSA) plunger farme leaking oil all over my livng room carpet for a couple of years (keeping it warm for frirend). It was ll my pleasure and a great talking point :-))

  2. I have a friend that had one back in highschool (1969) and had a chance to ride the beast a few times..first big bike i ever rode. Compared to the BSA’s Triumphs, Matchlesses of theday (much less the Commandos of a few years later) it looked pretty “agricultural’ to me at the time. Big squat a lump of an engine, funny gearbox and all. knobs, bumps, levers, oill ines everywhere.

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