Favorite Production Motorcycle Honorable Mention: Royal Enfield Interceptor

I’m going to run a few “Honorable Mention bikes as I go along.  The first three are posted and I have 2 selections to go.  I’m squirming mightily… so sue me!   lol….

This is a bike I’ve drooled over since I was a pup.  There’s about four or five fantastic British bikes I could put here.  Bikes that are much more popular and more renowned.  The BSA Goldstar,  The Triumph T100C and the Norton Commando 750S are all contenders for a spot. But to be honest I find this bike to be much more striking than just about every other British bike on the planet.  That chrome thank with the old school lettering, and the general stance and line of the bike just hits the perfect notes for me.  I have a local friend who is the “go-to” british bike mechanic and he raves about this bike in looks AND engineering.  He doesn’t understand how they were overlooked for so many decades by British bike fans.  Neither can I.


  1. A constelation, as I knew it. Yes had one of these engines in a A10 (BSA) plunger farme leaking oil all over my livng room carpet for a couple of years (keeping it warm for frirend). It was ll my pleasure and a great talking point :-))

    1. Wrong bike. Constellation had a different, troublesome “oilsome” motor, than the Interceptor..

  2. I have a friend that had one back in highschool (1969) and had a chance to ride the beast a few times..first big bike i ever rode. Compared to the BSA’s Triumphs, Matchlesses of theday (much less the Commandos of a few years later) it looked pretty “agricultural’ to me at the time. Big squat a lump of an engine, funny gearbox and all. knobs, bumps, levers, oill ines everywhere.

  3. Good looking bikes that were quite fast back in the late 60’s, as alot of Triumph riders were left in their dust.. They’re the ones that might think it was “agricultural”….

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