Reader Rides. Some sweet custom built “earth shakers”!

I know that folks can be very particular about their preferences and such but whatever your tastes you can’t deny the monster skills that went into building these wicked machines. That Triumph in particular is pretty freaking sweet.

Michael Yamen writes in: Here are a couple of my hand built Bikes. First one has a 540CI big block Merlin Engine. 2nd one is my home made Triumph Rocket sidecar rig

UPDATE: A Russian Beast of unknown origin!

From he comments: This bike is made of parts of Dnepr motorcycles and engine from “Moskvich” car. The owner of this bike Anton “Pzirak” (Ghost) lives in Moscow. The motorcycle was built somewhere in 2004.

Thanks for the info!

Buck Pilkenton send in this really rugged looking Russian built trike.

There’s a website called EnglishRussia that has all manner of interesting photographic articles on just about any subject. This machine was in an odd transport article, with no words about it, so I won’t add any.

Thanks! Anyone know anything about this monstrosity?



Another Briggs and Stratton Bobber from… Bob.

The build sheet:

Specifications For Black Briggs Bobber
Frame—————————Probably nos aftermarket hardtail from the 60s
Wheelbase———————58 in.
Rims—————————–18 x 2.15
Tires—————————–18 x 4
Hubs—————————–Honda 350
Swept Area——————–56.5 sq. in.
Brakes Loaded—————-8.8 lbs. per sq. in.
Curb Weight——————-300 lbs. / 200 lb. rider – 500lbs.
Rake—————————-25 degrees
Trail—————————–3 in.
Suspension——————–Leaf spring over leading rocker
Floorboards——————-24 in. Wide and 8 in. clearance
Lean—————————-35 degrees
Ground Clearance———–6 in.
Axle to Ground—————13 in.
Crankshaft to Ground——-11.75 in.
Handlebars——————–Lowrise buckhorns 31 in. wide with 5 in. rise on 3.5 in. dogbone risers
Grips—————————Anderson style
Engine————————-V twin ohv Briggs and Stratton
Displacement—————–34.75 cu. in. / 570 cu. cent.
HP——————————18 @ 3600 rpm
Torque————————-30 ft. lbs. @ 2400 rpm
Exhaust————————two into one header 1.75 in. auto
Drive Train——————–comet ind torque converter
Drive Clutch——————-44 c magnum
TQ Overall Ratio————-2.43 to 1
Final Drive———————428 chain sprockets/ 15t into 60t for 4 to 1 ratio
Speed————————–70 mph @ 3600 rpm
Frame Geometry————-Cloned from Indian 101 Scout
Steering Geometry———–Cloned from Indian 101 Scout

Update: Worlds Fastest Briggs and Stratton Custom Motorcycle! Seriously.

Updated with more pics!  Thanks again Bob!  And once again Nice Job!  I REALLY like these sorts of builds.  Very Creative.

Bob Decker sent in some pics and links to this really cool custom Briggs and Stratton powered custom but this is the only one I could get to that was big enought to use. I’ll update the post if Bob can get me some more. I love this concept. I’ve looked at the big Briggs engines and before and thought that they were plenty powerful enough for a motorcycle. 35 HP and 52 ft lb of torque ain’t bad!  Guess I was right! Thanks Bob!

Here Is the Build Sheet he sent me with it:

Frame——————————————————————Homemade designed from scratch

Wheelbase————————————————————-59.5 in.

Rims——————————————————————–18 x 2.15

Tires——————————————————————–18 x 4.5

Hubs——————————————————————-Honda 350


Swept Area———————————————————–56.5 sq. in.

Brakes Loaded——————————————————-10 lb. per sq. in.

Curb Weight———————————————————-368 lb./200 lb. rider – 568 lb.

Weight Distribution—————————————————Front – 169 lb. / 46%

Raer – 199 lb. / 54%


Rake——————————————————————-26 degrees

Trail——————————————————————-33.3 in.

Suspension———————————————————–Leaf spring over leading rocker

Front rocker lift ratio————————————————2.6

Floorboards———————————————————-24 in. wide and 8 in. clearance

Lean——————————————————————-35 degrees

Ground clearance—————————————————-5 in

Axle to ground——————————————————-13.5 in.

Crankshaft to ground———————————————–11.125 in.

Handlebars———————————————————–Lowrise buckhorns 31 in. wide with 5 in. rise on 3.5 in. dogbone risers

Grips——————————————————————Ivory from a dead woolly mammoth

Engine—————————————————————-V twin ohv Briggs and Stratton


Displacement———————————————————-60.6 cu. in. / 993 cu. cm.




Torque—————————————————————-52.2 ft. lb. @2400 rpm


Drive Train————————————————————Comet torque converter

Driver Clutch———————————————————-94c duster


TQ Overall ratio——————————————————-3.49 to 1

Highest gear———————————————————–2.8 to 1

Low gear—————————————————————9.8 to 1

Final drive————————————————————–50 pitch sprockets / 15t into 54t for 3.6 to 1 ratio

Speed——————————————————————106.39@3730 rpm