Reader Ride. Excellent Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

This is my kinda bike! Mike sent me these pics of his 06 Triumph Scrambler yesterday. He’s been taking his time on it and the results are great. I love the stance of it but he didn’t overlook the little things. Nice muscular looking ride.

He Writes:

On my bike, I’ve done the obligatory stuff – airbox butcher-job, D&D exhaust, carb jetting and Thruxton needles; I lowered the whole thing by about 3″, removed the fenders, bullet turn signals (truck stop specials on the front), Ducati (can I say Desmosedici?) moped headlight, aftermarket speedo, removed big plastic handlebar controls and replaced them with teensy momentary buttons…starter switch replaced with LSP kill switch, drilled holes here and there, #7 bend flat track bars, milled the goose neck in half and smoothed them down, Pit Posse pegs….probably some other stuff, too. I’m a slow worker, and I REALLY don’t expect you to list all of this crap, just more to let you know, I guess.

So, anyways, thanks again.

One of these days I have to get me one of these.

Thanks Again.  Hope you don’t mind but  I posted your build list cause I’m sure if I didn’t folks would be asking. 


One comment

  1. Hi thereI’m about to mod my scrambler this fall/winter.
    Love what you’ve done.
    Just a few questions.
    I want to ditch the plastic bulk as well and remove the speedo. Where did you get the switches for cleaning up the bars and is the speedo in the ducati light?
    Also is that a Thruxton seat?
    Thanks in advance

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