Reader Ride. Nice Superglide.

Steve G sent me these a while back and they got lost in the shuffle.  Sorry bout that.

I’m sure folks have noticed that I don’t post many modern American cruisers.  This is not from prejudice on my part.  I like them fine.  But there are so many sites already dedicated to them (that do it very well) so I tend to shy away.  Anyway, this one caught my eye because it’s got some really nice “go” touches without overdoing the “show”.  It looks to be a cruiser that you could ride the hell out of.    Function and form and all that …  Thanks again Steve. 

Reader Ride. Beautiful Heritage Softtail.

I don’t post a lot of modern or custom Harleys on here. I promise you that it’s not out of prejudice. I think Milwaukee makes em as good as anyone. There’s just seems to be a lot of dedicated Harley based blogs going and most of them do it really well. But every now and then a real beauty catches my eye like this one sent in by reader Eddie Anderson.

Eddie Writes:
A friend of ours in California bought this bike brand new in 2002. It’s a 2003 100th Anniversary

Heritage SoftTail “Black Beauty”. We visited them in 2004, after he installed “many” extras, and I fell in love with the bike the minute I laid eyes on it. It was definitely the wheels that made it stand out. From that year on, every time we spoke to Jim I reminded him, or my wife reminded him for me (with a little coaching), to let me know if he ever decides to sell the bike.

Well, we never thought he would part with it, but in April of this year, three months before my birthday, Jim called my wife and said he was finally going to part with the bike. Two days later, she called him back and said “We’ll buy it”, but don’t tell Eddie. She had the bike shipped to a friend’s house, here in Washington State, and gave the bike to me for my 47th birthday. Mary definitely added a whole new definition to the word “Surprised”.

Hell of a nice gift! That wife of yours is definately a keeper! Thanks For the pics!